Assign User to a Role

Assign User to a Role

Roles determine what screens and functions are available to WorkLoud users. By assigning roles to employees we can determine who has access to which screens within WorkLoud. 

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Role Assignments option in the User Security section.

2) Next to the desired Employee, from the Domain drop-down, select the domain role.


3) From the drop-down, select the Organizational Unit Role.


4) Press the Plus button.


5) Press the OK button.

6) If the user desires to set different allowances, repeat the above steps for all Organizational Units.

Note: For Employees, best practice is to assign two roles at the Organizational Unit level. These two roles are Employee Role and  View Only Role. System administrators only need to be assigned Admin at the Domain level.

7) Press the Save button in the top left corner.

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