Employee Qualifications

Employee Qualifications

Employees qualifications need to be created and adjusted as necessary. Qualifications can existing for different types of entities: Jobs, Job Locations, Shifts, etc.

Note: Employees will not be scheduled to Jobs, Job Locations or Shifts they are not qualified for.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select the Qualifications option from the Employee Management section. 

2) Select the desired entity item to qualify employees for from the Qualifications drop-down.

Note: Follow the steps for imposing the desired entity item via Enable/Disable Qualification Assignable Units.


3) Select the desired employee from the Employees panel and select the checkboxes next to the desired qualifications in the righthand side panel.


Note: Employees may also be qualified to entity items by first selecting the entity item then selecting the desired employees.

4) Press the Save button.

Note: Be sure to repeat this step for all other desired entities, such as Shifts.

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