Configure Workloud Services Provider for SAML Single Sign On

Configure Workloud Services Provider for SAML Single Sign On

Single Sign On service is one of the options for logging in to the Workloud web app which provides the user with a more secure login method.

1) From the Administration icon in the navigation menu, select Settings and then Preferences Administration.

2) Select Security and then Saml Single Sign On Provider

3) From the Scope drop-down, select Domain.

4) Check the Enabled checkbox.


5) In the Identity Provider Metadata field, enter customer ADFS metadata information. 

Note: This is a required field and is used to initial SSO.

6)  The Identity Provider Metadata URL field, is used to facilitate changes to your metadata, hourly (at the top of each hour) the url is accessed and any changes between the Identity Provider Metadata field and the data available at Identity Provider Metadata URL field will trigger an update to the Identity Provider Metadata field.  Example:  If a new certificate is installed, the change will be recognized and applied without any explicit changes being made by an Admin in Workloud. 

Workloud Pro Tip:  Apply certificate and metadata changes just prior to the top of an hour (example:  apply changes at 7:55, and at 8:00 Workloud will identify the change) and SSO down time will be minimized.  

6) In the UID Pattern field, enter information that contains the name of the SAML attribute that will contain the login username. 

Note: This username needs to be added to the employees' user record in Workloud. The format is [attr{@}AttributeName].


7) Click Save button.

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