Create a Pay Code

Create a Pay Code

Pay Codes are used to calculate the value of time spend on tasks.  

1) Click on the Administration Icon from the navigation menu, then select the Pay Codes option in the Master Data section.

2) Press the Add New button.  

3) Enter a Name and Short Name for the Pay Code.  

4) Select a Multiplier or Additive for the Pay Code.  

Multiplier; by how much will the worked hour be multiplied to arrive at the final value of time spend on a particular task.  

Ex: Straight Time=1, or Time and a half for overtime =1.5  

Additive; how much value is added to the time worked.  

Ex: 3rd Shift differential adds 50cent per hour worked = 0.5

5) Select the Correct Organizational Unit from the Organizational Units drop down.  

6) If the user desires a limited Validity, values can be entered for Valid From and Valid To.  

7) Press the Plus button to add a Pay Code Type to the Pay Code. 


8) Enter a Date to initialize the association with the Pay Code Type.  

9) Select a Pay Code Type from the Pay Code Type drop down.  

10) Press the green check mark.  


11) Press the Save button.  


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