Navigation Menu with Search Functionality

Navigation Menu with Search Functionality

The new Workloud menu structure is a redesigned navigation menu that will help users declutter and streamline all user workflows for fast and easy daily use. 

1) Left panel Navigation Menu and easy to use Search Bar


2) Quickly search any pages with the Search Bar


3) Left panel Navigation Menu brings up page selections. 


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • ALT-N - New
  • CTRL-S - Save
  • CTRL-B - Launch Smart Backfill
  • CTRL-M - Expand All Options in the Menu
  • CTRL-F - Find an Employee
  • CTRL-C - Copy
  • ESC - “Escape” or cancel the action in-process
  • Enter - Execute the action, like SAVE, CANCEL, OK, selecting a picklist value, or running a Search
  • Up/Down - Scroll a list
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