Web App ESS: Request A Leave For Vacation Planning

Request a Leave for Vacation Planning

Request a Leave

To submit a leave request during an Open Enrollment/Active Pick step, follow the steps below.

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Vacation Planning option in the Vacation Planning section.

2) Using the arrows above the vacation planning calendar, navigate to the first month that the Vacation Plan begins in.


3) Select a vacation plan from the Vacation Plan drop-down on the right side.


4) Click on Empty Preference under one of the Slots on the right side.


5) Select a Requestable Item from the drop-down.


6) Select a Leave Type from the drop-down if there is more than one Leave to choose from.


7) Press the Select Days button.

8) Select the month that you want to request a vacation for from the drop-down menu.


9) Click on the calendar day(s) that you want to request vacation for.

10) Press the Save button.

11) Repeat steps 1-9 to request additional leaves for vacation planning.


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