Web App ESS: Ad-Hoc Volunteering

Ad-Hoc Volunteering

This article will walk Employees through how to view and create Ad-Hoc Volunteering records in the Web Application of Employee Self-Service.

1) Sign in, using your Employee Login information. 

2) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Ad-Hoc Volunteering option in the Volunteering & Availability section.

3) Navigate to the desired Month using the arrows on the top left..


Note: By default, a Month view is selected. To change it to Day or Week view, use the View options on the top right..


4) Click on the desired Day.

5) From the pop-up window, select Add Ad-Hoc Volunteering.


6) Indicate the Start and End for the particular Ad-Hoc Volunteering entry. 

Note: Each entry can span over multiple days if necessary.


7) Then, for each: Job, Shift, and/or Job Location, select one of the three desired Volunteering options: BidBid Class or Explicit.

Note: When Explicit is selected, you can indicate a specific Job, Shift or Job Location from the drop-down menu.

8) If desired, create a Recurrence pattern for the specific Ad-Hoc Volunteering entry. 

9) Create a new recurrence pattern by clicking the Custom button.


10) Enter the desired Name, indicate Start and End time, select the Recurrence.  


11) When finished, press OK to save the new Recurrence pattern.

12) The Recurrence Pattern is now saved for future access. 

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