Mobile App ESS: Request a Leave

Request a Leave

This feature allows the user to easily send a leave request via the Mobile App to be approved by the admin.

1) Go to the List View of your Schedule.

2) Click on the Request Leave button on the desired day.


3) The default setting will bring you to the Day Leave Request.

4) Select the desired Leave Type.


Note: The Leave Type selection will differ from Employer to Employer.

6) Press Submit.


7) If you want to ask for a certain hour range rather than a full day, click on the Hour Leave Header.


8) Here you can specify the hours of your Leave.

Note: The default is the entire day.

9) Press Next.


10) Select the desired Leave Type.

11) Press Submit.

12) The request is now sent to your Scheduler for approval.

Note:  If you change your mind, regarding a leave request you can always go back to your Schedule and click on the request to modify it.


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