How to Enable/Disable Types of Assignable Units

How to Enable/Disable Types of Assignable Units

A set of options exist to either enable or disable what assignable units are allowed when configuring the following entities: Base Schedule Preferences, Explicit Preferences, Implicit Preferences, Assignments, Production Demands, Periodic Demands, Qualifications, Volunteering and Ad-Hoc Volunteering.

The following example describes how to set up Qualification Assignable Units.

1) From the Administration icon in the navigation menu, select Settings and then Preferences Administration

2) Select Scheduling, under Assignable Units select Qualification Assignable Units


3) First, select the Scope for which the changes will be performed (Domain versus a specific Organizational Unit).


4) For each desired entity (which is allowed for the particular screen or function, in this case Qualifications Management page), indicate which assignable units are allowed to be displayed or selected. There are 3 options for each entity:

  - Item

  - Group

  - Class

For example, to set up Include Job entity: Item would reference a specific job, Group would reference a normal type of job group, and Class would refer to classification type of job group. 


5) Click on the Save button to save the settings.

6) This is the result of these settings on the Qualifications Management page (with the ability to qualify employees to individual jobs, normal job groups, and classification job groups):




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