How to Configure Default Password Length/Complexity Requirements

How to Configure Default Password Length/Complexity Requirements

A set of rules can be established to configure default password length and its complexity requirements to ensure a secure access of users to Workloud application. See steps below on how to configure these rules.

1) From the Administration icon in the navigation menu, select Settings and then Preferences Administration.

2) Select Security and then In House Provider


3) Then select the desired Scope for which configuration will be set. It is recommended to define the scope as Domain. 

4) In the Password section, define the default password length and complexity requirements as necessary.



Note: Each password factor is assigned a weight. For a password to be acceptable, the weight of the factors it satisfies must be equal to, or greater than the password Strength Limit. To require all factors, it is recommended to set a weight of 1 for each factor and set the password Strength Limit equal to the total number of required factors.

5) Click Save when finished.


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