How to Auto Qualify Employees for All Entities

How to Auto Qualify Employees for All Entities

A set of options exists that allows the user to establish a certain resolution/action in a case of a leave/assignment conflict. If a leave and assignment overlap in one way or another, there is a way to establish what happens in that situation. Leave/assignment conflicts may occur to both full-day and hour leaves. See steps below to set necessary resolution options.

1) From the Administration icon in the navigation menu, then select the Preferences Administration option in the Settings section.

2) Select Leaves and then Leave/Assignment Conflict Resolution. Depending on the type of a leave conflict (full-day or hour), select the appropriate type of a conflict: 

  • Full-Day Leave Spans the Whole Assignment
  • Full-Day Leave Subset of the Assignment Period
  • Full-Day Leave Starts Inside the Assignment Period
  • Full-Day Leave Ends Inside the Assignment Period
  • Hour Leave Spans the Whole Assignment
  • Hour Leave Subset of the Assignment Period
  • Hour Leave Starts Inside the Assignment Period
  • Hour Leave Ends Inside the Assignment Period

3) Select the Scope for which the changes will be performed.


Note: Setting the Scope to Domain makes the changes accessible across all organizations.

4Once one of the eight conflicts is selected (for example Full-Day Leave Spans the Whole Assignment), indicate the resolution strategy for the specific conflict by selecting the desired options from the drop-down.



5) Press the Save button in the bottom right corner.

6) Repeat steps 4-5 for the remaining 7 conflict types.


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