Create Time and Attendance Rule Sets

Create Time and Attendance Rule Sets

Rule Sets combine Rules into a set which can be applied to defined groups. Separate Sets can be set for different groups.

1) Click on the Time and Attendance icon from the navigation menu, then select the Time and Attendance Rule Management option in the Time and Attendance Management section.

2) The user can build out Rule Sets under the Rule Sets tab.


3) Press the New button.


4) Enter a Title for the Rule Set.

5) From the Organizational Units drop-down, select the Organizational Unit the Set will be used for.

6) From the Pay Group drop-down, select the Pay Group the Rule Set will apply to.

7) Optional: Enter a Missed Punch Margin Value.

Missed Punch Margin: After which time is a punch considered missed rather than late.

8) From the Base Pay Code drop-down, select the Base Pay Code that the Rule Set will fall back on.  

9) To add Rules to the set press the Plus button corresponding to the desired Rule.

Note: Before you can add Rules to the set, you have to create each rules following the steps via Create a Time and Attendance Rule.

10) When selected Rules overlap, select the prevailing rule in the Rule Combinations section.


Note: The same decision needs to be made for overlapping Pay Codes in the Pay Codes Combination section.

11) Press the Save button.

12) The user can access the saved Rule Set from the Pay Rule drop-down.  



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