Create an Exception

Create an Exception

Exceptions enable the user to set rules for Events, which will trigger an Exception. Exceptions will lead to notifications for Supervisors before approving Time sheets or for Employees during the punch process.  

1) Click on the Time and Attendance icon from the navigation menu, then select the Time and Attendance Rule Management option in the Time and Attendance Management section.

2) Press the Edit Rule tab. 

3) Press the Add New button next to Exceptions

4) Enter a Title for the Exception Rule.  

5) From the Organizational Units drop-down, select the Organizational Unit the Rule will be used for.  

6) Select the desired Entry method. 

Triggered by Punch will look at the raw entry time.  

Triggered by Time Entry will take Rounding Rules into account.  

7) From the Punch Time drop-down select the desired Condition.


8) From the Punch Type drop-down, select the desired option.


9) Enter the desired Time.  

10) Optional: The user can use Employee Conditions to further narrow the applicability of the rule.

11) From the Generate drop-down, select the desired outcome of the Exception. 

Soft Exception: generates a Problem Notification for the Supervisor.  

Hard Exception: stops the Employee from performing the action.  

12) Optional: The user can attach a previously defined Attribute to the Exception to easily identify the Exception.  

13) Press the Save button.

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