Modify Employee Roster Display Settings

Modify Employee Roster Display Settings

This article will walk the user through the steps of changing various display fields when viewing scheduled assignments from any of the rosters.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Preferences Administration option in the Settings section.

2) Select Roster Options menu from the left hand side list of options.

3) The various custom roster view options are located on the right hand side of the Roster Options menu item. Select the desired option to adjust the view settings.


4) The rest of the article will walk the user through how to change what is displayed for roster assignment posts. First, select the Scope level to which the changes will apply.

5) Next to the desired profile, press the Edit button.


Note: The Employee Roster profiles are the roster time span view profiles. For example: One Day, Two Days, One Month, etc.

6) Select the Indicators tab.


7) From the Available menu next to Textual Data, select the desired display fields.


8) Press the Save button for the selected profile.

9) When finished editing roster options, press the Save button on the bottom right.

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