Configure Notification Rules

Configure Notification Rules

This feature allows users to configure notification rules for mobile apps and inbox messages for both employees and administrators. 

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select the Notification Rules option in the Settings section. 

2) If the user desires to add a New set of Rules not bound to the Domain, select the New button, otherwise select domain from the drop-down menu and proceed to step 6. 


3) Enter a Title for the Set of Rules.

4) Select a Scope from the Scope drop-down.

5) Press the Save button.

6) Press the Add rule button.


7) Enter a Title for the specific Rule.

8) Select the Event from the Events drop-down, which will initiate the Rule.

9) Optional: Select Filters from the drop-down.

10) From the Action drop-down select the desired Action the rule will carry out.

11) Further specify the Action with the generated drop-down.

  • APN Notifier:  Apple Push Notification
  • GCM Notifier:  Google Cloud Messaging
  • Mail Notifier:  Workloud Messaging
  • SMS Notifier:  Text Messaging (Requires Smart Backfill Service)
  • Voice Notifier:  Phone (Requires Smart Backfill Service)

12) Press the Save button.

13) When returned to the Notifications Rules window press the Save button again.

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