Create a Labor Demand Template

Create a Labor Demand Template

Labor Demand Templates are the staffing requirements to produce a particular product.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select the Labor Demand Templates option in the Master Data section.

2) Press the Add New button.

3) Enter the Name and Short Name of the Labor Demand Template.

4) From the Demand Category drop-down, select the Demand Category that the Labor Demand Template belongs to.

5) From the Locations drop-down, select the Locations at which the Labor Demand Template can be produced.

6) From the Organizational Units drop-down, select the corresponding Organizational Unit.

7) Under the Dimensions section, press the Add New button.


8) From the Job drop-down, select the Job that you want to add.

9) Enter the staffing level required by adjusting the Count.

Note: The Count may not always be a whole number. In order to translate the fractional count into actual demanded workers, a Rounding Rule must be set. You can find more information about fractional demand and rounding rules via Create a Labor Demand Template with Rounding Rules and Fractional Demand.

10) Specify a Start or End Offset to manipulate the start and end times of the scheduled job.


Note: In the example above, the assigned job will begin and end 90 minutes earlier than the start and end of the demanded Labor Demand Template (generally indicated in the Demand Planning screen).

11) Press the OK button.

12) Repeat the process of adding Jobs until all the needed Jobs are added to the Labor Demand Template.

13) Click on the Labor Data tab.


14) Set a Production Rate.

15) Press the Save button.

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