Create a Holiday

Create a Holiday

Holidays can be used for display and scheduling purposes within the application. 

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Holidays option in the Master Data section.

2) Press the Add New button. 

3) Enter the Name of the Holiday. 

4) Enter a Short Name

5) Select Organizational Unit from the Organizational Units drop-down. 

6) Press the Edit button next to the Recurrence drop-down. 


7) Give the pattern a Name.

8) Select yearly from the Recurrence drop-down. 

9) Selecting the On option will enable the user to select a specific date the Holiday will occur on. 


Note: This function is helpful for Holidays such as 4th of July or Christmas, which always occur on the same date. 

10) Select the Every option if the Holiday does not have a fixed date. 


Note: This is helpful for Holidays such as Thanksgiving, which have no fixed date but a pattern within the calendar year.  

11) Select the desired Recurrence values from the drop-down menus. 

12) Press the OK button. 

13) Press the Save button.

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