Configure a Team Schedule

Configure a Team Schedule

The following article shows users how to create specific rules to configure team schedules for ESS. Users can adjust the types of information that employees can view about each other's schedules. Using an interface involving defining the viewer employees and the target employees, the user can create different viewing capabilities for each employee.


Create a Profile

1) Click on the Administration icon from the Navigation Menu, then select the ESS Schedule Access from the Settings section. 

2) Press the New button. This will allow users to create a new profile in which they are able to configure the posted team schedules. 


3) In the New Profile window, define the Title and Scope.


4) Press the Save button. 


Add a Rule

1) From the ESS Schedule Access drop-down, select the desired profile.  


2)  Press the Add Rule button. 


 3) Enter the Title of the rule. 

4) From the Meet all of the following conditions drop-down, select a desired condition for Viewer Employees. 


Note: Viewer Employees are the employees allowed to use Team schedule.

5) Press the Plus button to add conditions.


Note: Making no selection will result in the selection of all Employees.

6) From the Meet all of the following conditions drop-down, select a desired condition for Target Employees. 


Note: Target Employees are the employees who will show in the Team schedule.

7) Press the Plus button to add conditions. 


Note: Making no selection will result in the selection of all Employees.

8) From the Select Events drop-down, select a desired event. 


9) From the Select Fields drop-down, select a desired field. 


10) Press the Save button. 


11) Press the Save button. 


Note: Employees will now have the ability to view scheduling and roster information that employees can access. 

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