Workloud Time Clock Specification & Installation

Workloud Time Clock Specification & Installation

Hardware Specification



Operating System

Android 4.1


7" Capacitive Touch LCD Screen

Built-in Authentication



RFID (125KHz)


ZK Optical Fingerprint Sensor

Local Algorithm

6000 (1:N) Template Capacity


Ethernet - Highly Recommended, due to known synch issues with low bandwidth



Front Facing Camera

Wall Mount







 Time Clock App Installation on ZKTeco Device

There are two prerequisites to this process:

  1. The clock must be connected to local wi-fi network
  2. Only one clock should be connected to a PC (via an USB cord) when performing an installation
  3. Installation for apps from unknown sources should be enabled

Additionally, there are three special commands that have been developed to assist/accommodate the installation process in a situation of issues/problems:

  1. Settings command (TimeClockInstaller.exe settings) - this command prompts the Settings on the device to open up (unlock) in order to make necessary changes for the app to install (i.e. connect to wi-fi)
  2. Reboot command (TimeClockInstaller.exe reboot) - this command reboots the device (i.e. in case the device is unresponsive or freezes up)
  3. Uninstall command (TimeClockInstaller.exe uninstall) - this command uninstalls our Timeclock app, uninstalls the installer, and enables all ZKTeco software on the device

Wi-Fi vs Ethernet Connection Process

There are two ways to connect a Workloud clock to internet: via a Wi-Fi network or Ethernet connection. Follow the steps below for each respective connection type prior to installing the Timeclock app on the device.

  • Wi-Fi: The Workloud clock comes with Wi-Fi enabled by default. To modify, the settings should be modified according to the following steps:
  1. From the Main Menu, go to device "Settings".
  2. Enable Wi-Fi (i.e. switch it to On/Off).
  3. Locate the desired end-point. 
  4. Enter all required information (password, security model, etc.). 
  5. When connection is established, make a sanity connectivity check using the internet browsing application.
  • Ethernet: The Workloud clock comes with ethernet enabled by default.  To modify/disable it, DHCP settings should be modified according to the following steps:
  1. From the Main Menu, select “Ethernet Management".
  2. Once inside the menu, select “Configure Network”.
  3. Then Tap on “Configure Ethernet”.
  4. Tap DHCP in order to enable DHCP and acquire all network information from the router.
  5. Hit the back button and Click on "Connect Ethernet".
  6. Wait for the device to connect/reconnect to network. 
  7. When connection is established, make a sanity connectivity check using the internet browsing application.

Standard Installation Process

Once the two prerequisites above are met, then follow the steps below to install the timeclock app on the desired Workloud clock.

  1. Connect the Workloud clock device (use the USB connection on the back of the device, the USB port on the side of the clock is not activated) and connect to your PC (via USB cord).
  2. Make sure that this device has a strong wi-fi network connection.
  3. Open a browser on your PC and access either of the following sites (depending on which environment the desired clock is being worked on):
    1. Production installation:
  4. Download the TimeClockInstaller file folder into a desired location on your PC.
  5. Unzip/Extract all files from this zipped folder.
  6. Double-click on the TimeClockInstaller.exe file.
  7. The following command prompt will pop up and you will see the following information displayed. 
    At the same time, on your Workloud clock you will see a white screen with a message of the timeclock application installation process on progress. Note, this process takes under a minute. 
  8. Once the installation process is complete, the timeclock app login screen will pop up where the user is able to type in the Company name. From there on, the user will follow the usual steps to log into the application.

Update Process on the Workloud Time Clock 

The Workloud Timeclock app update process (once is in use and installed on device) is straight-forward. 

  1. The device needs to be connected to the internet and the update is pushed via the cloud to the devices.
  2. Logging into the Admin menu on the Workloud Time Clock, and then going to About, will display the version of the Workloud Time Clock application that is installed on your device.
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