Navigate High Level Menu Options

Navigate High Level Menu Options

This article will walk the user through some of the menu items on the top of the screen and their basic functionality.

Star Button


The star button is similar to a bookmarks tab. Users can:

  • Quickly jump back and forth between frequently used screens
  • Bookmark screens that are difficult to remember how to access
  • Add favorite screens by pressing the Plus button.
  • Go to their home screen by pressing the House button.


Mail Button


The mail button acts as a high level notification of system actions. It notifies users when various actions are completed or if there are any new messages waiting.

Exclamation Point Button


The exclamation point button informs users when a new version of Workloud is released. It also gives users a link to the knowledge based articles which explain the new features.


Question Mark Button


The question mark button opens a new tab with the Workloud Support Page.


This page allows you to...

  1. "Submit a request" which opens up a Support Ticket.
  2. "Search" our library of articles to find the answer you are looking for.
  3. Browse through our Knowledge Base Articles, Workshops and the Workloud Community for the answer to your question.


Review Button


The review button allows users to give Workloud a review through both a 5-star rating scale and a comments section.


Chat or Leave a Message Button


This is another way to receive help within Workloud, you can chat with us or leave a message for a Workloud Support Agent.  A pop up will appear in the lower right corner of the screen.  Type in your topic and a list of the top Knowledge Base Article results will show up, if they do not answer your question, you can click on "Live Chat."


Here, you will enter you name, email address, phone number (optional), your message to us, and finally decide if you would like to chat live, or just leave a message.  Either way, a support ticket will open up so we can track that your issue is satisfactorily resolved.


User Button


In the user interface the user can:

  • Adjust which organizational units they are viewing

  • Adjust the system language

  • Adjust the system culture

Search Button


In the user interface the user can:

  • Search for the screen or area that he/she desires to launch


Calendar Picker Button


In the user interface the user can:

  • Navigate the Roster to a specific date range
  • Navigate Back
  • Navigate Forward
  • Navigate to Today
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