Create a Leave Type

Create a Leave Type

Leave Management enables the user to create Leave Types, which can be used not only by the user in the Roster but also by the employee through Employee Self Service.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select the Leaves option in the Master Data section.

2) Press the Add New button.

3) Enter the Name and Short Name of the leave.  Both the names are options for viewing throughout the application.  

*Workloud Pro Tip:  Consider using a generic short name like PTO for use in team views and reports.

4) Select the Organizational Unit from the drop-down.

5) Check the Bucket check-box.

Note: In a situation where a leave is a not a Bucket type, leave the checkbox unselected. In the Hierarchy section, from the Bucket drop-down menu, select a parent Leave to which the newly created leave will belong to. Any non-bucket leaves shares balance with other leaves that belong to the same parent bucket leave type.


6) Check the Assignable check-box.

7) From the Accountable Hours Type drop-down, select the desired accounting method.

  • Explicit: This will account the hours defined by the user, even if the leave period exceeds the explicit hours. If the taken leave is shorter than the explicit hours, the shorter period will be taken off the employees leave balance.
  • Workday: This will automatically account the hours, the employee was scheduled for on a particular day. If a shorter time frame is defined, only the specified hours will be taken off the employees leave balance.

8) Press the Save button.

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