Create a Labor Demand Template with Rounding Rules and Fractional Demand

Create a Labor Demand Template with Rounding Rules and Fractional Demand

This article explains how to utilize Rounding Rules when creating jobs that contain Fractional Demand. Fractional Demand occurs when a job contains a labor requirement that is not a whole number. 

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Labor Demand Templates option in the Master Data section.

2) To create a new labor demand template, press the Add New 1.pngbutton.

3) Populate the General information:

   - Name of the Labor Demand Template

   - Short Name of the Labor Demand Template

   - Demand Category that the Labor Demand Template is tied to

   - Locations on which the Labor Demand Template can be enabled

   - Organizational Unit to which the Labor Demand Template belongs

 4) In the Dimensions section, press the Add New button to add a job. 


Note: The Count will be set to specify the amount of demanded labor required for a specific job. It will not always be a whole number. In order to translate the count into actual demanded workers, a rounding rule must be set. 

5) Specify the desired Rounding Rule



6) Press the Save or Save and Exit button.  

Review: If the fraction of the count is greater than the fractional rounding rule, the amount of staff required for the job will round up to the nearest whole number. The example above shows a count that is .5 and a rounding rule that is .1. Since the count decimal is greater than the rounding rule, the count will round up and 1 demanded job will be created. However, in this example if the rounding rule was greater than .5, the count would be rounded down to zero, and no labor would be demanded. See the table below for further reference. 

Count Rounding Rule Demanded Labor
.5 .1 1
.5 .9 0
2.5 .7 2
2.5 .1 3
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