Transfer an Employee to a Different Organizational Unit

Transfer an Employee to a Different Organizational Unit

This article details the procedures for transferring, adding or removing an employee from an Organizational Unit.

1) In Domain Administration, log into all active organizational units. 


2) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Employee Management option in the Employee Management section.

3) Select the Edit button next to the target employee.  

4) Select the transfer button next to Primary Organizational Units field. 


5) From the drop-down, select the desired action. 


Note: Employees may be associated with only one Primary Organizational Unit. Employees may be associated with multiple Secondary (Non-Primary) Organizational Units. 

6) From the drop-down, select a new Primary Organizational Unit.


Note: The user has the option of keeping the old Primary Organizational Unit as Non-Primary. 

7) Select the time that the change will be applied. 

8) Press the Next button.

9) Select whether to keep or inactivate each command. 


10) Press the Next button.

Note: You will get a warning message that lists any associated items that will become inactivated.


11) Press the Finish button to proceed with the inactivation.

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