Inactivate an Employee

Inactivate an Employee

This article will walk the user through the required steps to inactivate an employee. Inactivating an employee will:

  • Remove them from schedule generation
  • Remove their base schedule(s)
  • Remove their qualifications

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Employee Management option in the Employee Management section.

2) Press the Inactivate button next to the desired employee.


3) Establish the effective inactivate date and time (you can choose to inactivate the employee now or at a future date).


4) Press the Next button.

Note: You will get a warning message that lists any associated items that will become inactivated.


5) Press the Finish button to proceed with the inactivation.

Note: If the employee is inactivated at a future date, the employee will be grayed out on the Roster starting from that date. 


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