Post a Base Schedule to allow for Job Bidding

Post a Base Schedule to allow for Job Bidding

This article will walk the user through posting a base schedule for employees to bid on.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Base Schedule Management option in the Employee Management section.

2) Then click on the Base Schedule Post Management tab.

3) Press the Plus button next to the desired base schedule.


4) Press the Add New button.


5) From the Employees drop-down, select the desired Employees for which the base schedule will be posted. 


Note: Only employees that have been allowed to the selected base schedule will be available to select.

6) Enter the Valid From and Valid To date. This defines how long the base schedule will be posted for.

Note: The user may assign base schedules at any point and are not limited by the validation period.

7) Press the Save button.


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