Assign a Base Schedule to an Employee

Assign a Base Schedule to an Employee

The user can assign a base schedule to employees if they have been allowed through base schedule allowances. Only one base schedule can be assigned to each employee at any one time.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Base Schedule Management option in the Employee Management section.

2) Then click on the Base Schedule Assignments tab.

3) Select the desired employee from the Employees panel.

4) In the Base Schedules panel on the right-hand side, press the Assign button next to the desired base schedule.

45.pngNote: The user can only assign employees to base schedules that they have been allowed to. Also, employees can also be assigned to base schedules by first selecting the base schedule, then selecting employees.

5) To define or change Start and End times for multiple base schedules for the same employee, press the down arrow on a base schedule already assigned to an employee.


6) Press the OK button.

7) To transition an employee from one base schedule to another, two base schedules can be assigned to one employee with modified Start and End dates.


Workloud Pro tip:  Assigning an employee to a Base Schedule will automatically display the days on/days off patterns on the roster.  For all shift/job/location assignments to be created, the next step is to generate for one employee or all employees.  

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