Create an Attribute

Create an Attribute

Before attributes are defined, value sets must be defined. If you do not have value sets created already, follow the steps to Create a value set

This feature allows users to create any entities that are not already included within the default page. Attributes are any type of desired information that can be used for filtering, ranking or reporting. 

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Attribute Definitions option in the Attributes section.

2) Press the Add New 3.png button.

3) Enter the Name of the attribute.

4) From the Value Set drop-down select the desired value set. 

Note: If you do not use a value set, the attribute will be free text.

5) Check the Is Mandatory box if the user desires that it be a requirement to set a value for this attribute.

6) The Is Fixed setting is used to indicate whether the created attribute is to be used once; if different values are entered for the same attribute, leave this check box unchecked.

7) In the Applies To menu, select the appropriate entity to which this new attribute will apply. For example, select Applies To Employee.


8) When finished press the Save button.

From the example above, the user can now assign the attribute to a new employee or by editing an existing employee, by selecting the desired attribute from the Add Attribute drop down menu in Employee Management


Note: After you have created the attribute, this can be used in Aggregate Configuration, Employee, Shift, Assignment, Job Location, Base Schedule, etc.

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  • Avatar
    Lynch, Ben

    you should link to the article that tells users how to make the attribute visible within the roster or other modules
    I can't remember the name of the module but I know I worked with Joe Jensen on this a couple of weeks ago

  • Avatar
    Taylor Mierow

    Thanks for the suggestion, Ben. This is a great idea. We will link the article for creating aggregates soon.

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