Create an Assignment Attribute

Create an Assignment Attribute

Assignment Attributes are customized options available in your roster page when you create an assignment to your employees.

Before attributes are defined, value sets must be defined. If you do not have value sets created already, follow the steps to Create a value set.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Attribute Definitions option in the Attributes section.

2) Press the Add New button.

3) Enter the Name of the attribute.

4) From the Value Set drop-down, select the desired value set.

Note: If you do not use a value set, the attribute will be free text.


Note: Check the Is Mandatory box if the user desires that it be a requirement to set a value for this Attribute.

5) In the Applies To menu, select Applies to Assignment. 


6) When finished press the Save button.

Note: From the example above, the user can now assign the assignment in the Roster page.






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