Vacation Planning: Initiate Open Enrollment/ Active Pick Period

Initiate Open Enrollment/ Active Pick Period

This article describes Open Enrollment/Active Pick initiation setup that will define when open enrollment/active pick period will start and for what vacation planning year (period) it will run for.


1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Vacation Planning Configuration option in the Vacation Planning section.

2) Then click on Vacation Planning Instantiation tab.

3) Press the Add New 3.png button.


4) From the Vacation Plan drop-down select the desired Open Enrollment or Active Pick Definition. 

5) Set the dates for the Start of Open Enrollment or Active Pick. This date indicates when employees can start requesting leaves via Employee Self-Service (ESS).  The start must be more than 30 minutes in the future.  

6) Set the Period Start and Period End for the selected Open Enrollment or Active Pick Definition. This date range indicates for what date range the employees can submit leave requests.

7) From the Organizational Units drop-down select the desired organizational unit. 

8) If applicable, select any Black Out Days

9) Press the Save button.


Once set up Vacation Planning Configuration displays the status.  Execution Status may take up to 30 minutes from the end of the employee selection window to update to Finished.



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