Vacation Planning: Configure Approval Rules

Configure Approval Rules

This article describes a typical Approval Builder setup and configuration rules that define how employees' leave requests are processed and approved/rejected via the Automatic Algorithm. 

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Vacation Planning Configuration option in the Vacation Planning section.

2) Then click on Vacation Planning Approval Builder tab.

3) First, select the desired Workflow Success Condition from the drop down:

  • None: the algorithm will process employees even if some employees are not assigned to leave
  • All Employees Assigned to Leave: the algorithm will process employees until all employees are assigned to leave


4) Select the desired Workflow Type from the drop down: 

  • By Employee: employees are ranked in specific order and processed according to the rules configured in subsequent steps
  • By Step: employees are ranked in specific order within each step and processed step by step according to the rules configured in subsequent steps


Note: If By Employee is selected in Workflow Type field, the system will prompt you to select the order in which employees will be processed. Select the criteria and the desired ranking (ascending or descending) order for each criteria via arrows.

5) To add the first of the Workflow Steps, click on the Add New 27.png button on the right.

6) From the Order By drop-down, select the order by which employees will be processed. Order all of the chosen options by clicking the arrows.

7) From the Leave Type drop-down, select Any if you want include all leave types in this approval step or Specific if you want to choose specific leave types to include.

8) Select the desired settings on what types of units, count, and the minimum/maximum of slots that will be approved.

Note: select Specific from the Duration drop-down to access the Count and Unit fields.

  • Count: the number of units you're going to target for approval (for example a Count of 1 and a Unit of days means that you will target approving 1 day requests)  
  • Unit: is the type of a leave request (Day, Week, Hours, etc.)
  • Minimum Slots: is the minimum slots you are going to try to approve for each employee
  • Maximum Slots: is the maximum slots you are letting any employee to be approved for

Note: In the end, what employees can be approved for will depend on each employee's individual leave balance allowed for a given accounting period.


9) Check the Reject Not Approved Leaves checkbox if you would like unapproved leaves to be categorized as rejected.

Leave Status Options: 

  • Pending - Only available in Vacation Planning Administration, for an Active Plan when viewing an Active Plan
  • Approved - Available in Requests Page, and in Employee Self Service Calendar and Employee Self Service Leaves Page
  • Requested - Available in Requests Page, and in Employee Self Service Calendar and Employee Self Service Leaves Page


10) Lastly, select a Break Condition if applicable from the drop down:

  • None: the algorithm will process all employees according to rules above even if minimum slots condition is not met.
  • Min Slots is Not Accomplished: the algorithm will process employees until a case where minimum slots condition is not satisfied for a single employee, in which case the approval process will break for further action from an administrator

10) If additional approval steps need to be added, repeat steps 4-9.

12) Press the Save As button.

13) Enter a Name and Scope for the created Approval Builder and then press the Save button.

14) In the future, any saved Approval Builders are accessible from the drop-down menu.

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