Create a Pending Leave Request on Behalf of an Employee

Create a Pending Leave Request on Behalf of an Employee

Users with the correct system rights can request leaves on behalf of any employee via Leave Management screen. These requested leaves then can be later approved or rejected by Admin personnel, to appear in the schedule.

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Requests option in the Leave Requests section.

2) Press the Add New 3.png button.

3) First, from the Employee drop-down select an employee for which the request will be created.

4) Then, indicate the Accounting Period, the Leave Type, Start and End of the request being created.

5) Optional: Add a note to the leave request in the Notes field. 

6) To save the leave request, click on the arrow next to the Approve button and select Save Request option.


7) The leave request will stay on the Leave Request screen for future approval/rejection action.


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