Approve/Reject Leave Requests

Approve/Reject Leave Requests

After the employee has requested a leave through ESS the user can approve or reject the request. 

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Requests option in the Leave Requests section.  The Request page offers a view into all Leave Requests as well as Approved leaves assigned directly from the Roster.  

Workloud Pro Tip:  The default view for the Requests page is Approved, Requests or Cancellations today into the future.  Use filtering to find past dates or Inactive Requests.

2) The screen will show all leaves requested and approved.

Note: Use the Advanced Filters to sort the leave requests. 

3) Leave Balance will indicate a number of hours the employee has left of that particular leave. 3.png

4) Quota Validation will indicate to the user if the request will be violating any set quotas. 


5) Press the Approve or dropdown to Reject the leave request.


6) Press the Edit button to see more information about the leave.


7)  The leave can also be Approved or Rejected, by simply pressing the corresponding button. 


7) If the user wants to approve a partial of the leave request, the user can modify the Start and End time of the leave and then approve the partial. 


8) After a leave request has been approved the change will be reflected in the Roster and the employees leave balance. 

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