Configure Leave Constraints

Configure Leave Constraints

Configure rules limit what and how employees can be scheduled to leave.

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Leave Constraints option in the Quotas section.

2) Select the scope that the constraint will act on from the Scope drop-down menu.


Note: Setting the Scope to Domain makes the leave constraint accessible across all organizations.

3) Press the Add New button.

4) Select the desired operation form the Operation drop-down.

5) Give the configuration a Title.

6) By default the configuration is set to be overridable. If the user desires to stop it, un-check the Is Overridable checkbox.


7) Select the Filters tab.


8) Set the desired conditions by selecting options from the Filter drop-down menus.

Note: If none are selected, all leave types will be included in the constraint. 

9) Press the Save button.

10) Press the Save button in the bottom right corner.

11) In the future the constraint will be available for viewing and editing in to Leave Constraint window.

Note: Constraints are only available for editing when the scope is set to the scope of the constraint.

Preconfigurated Leave Constraint Definitions

  • Employee Leave Balance Validation - Requires an employee to have balance to request a leave.
  • Overlapping Leave Validation - Restricts leaves from overlapping with another leave.  
  • Regular Day Off Validation on all Leaves from ESS & Request Page (not on Roster) - Restricts leaves from being requested on a Regular Day Off.


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