Create a New Base Schedule

Create a New Base Schedule

Base Schedules establish a predictable rotation of job, shift and location that an employee works.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Base Schedule Management option in the Employee Management section.

2) Then click on the Base Schedule Design tab.

3) Press the Add New 5.png button.

4) Enter the Name, Short Name, and Description of the base schedule.

Note: You can create this base schedule by copying an already existing base schedule (via Copy From drop-down menu).

5) Select the desired work pattern from the Copy Work Pattern drop-down.

Note: An alternative is to define the number of days that the base schedule will last (off and on days are defined later, once the base schedule is saved) by clicking 1.png, instead of selecting an existing pattern (that already has days on and off defined).

6) Enter the Start date of the base schedule. Make sure the start date corresponds with the work pattern.

Note: The start date will be the first day of the pattern.

7) Next to the Bids field, enter the desired number of people that can be assigned to the base schedule at any one time.

8) Enter the Organizational Unit that the base schedule belongs to.

9) Check the Validity check box if the new base schedule will have indefinite validity and uncheck the box to enter a specific From and To validity date.

10) Click on the Plus sign under Preferences.


Note: This is where the preference order is made by creating specific shifts (or groups) and job/job locations (or groups) in descending order of preference.

11) Select the Shift (or group) and Job/Job Location (or group) from the respective drop-downs.


12) Once finished, press the Save button.


Next step is to allow an employee to this Base Schedule.

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