Job Bidding: Award a Base Schedule to an Employee

Job Bidding: Award a Base Schedule to an Employee

This article will walk the user through a base schedule awarding process that an employee signed up for. Bid awards are based on employee base schedule sign-up preferences. Before you can conduct this function, make sure you already set-up a base schedule allowance.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Base Schedule Management option in the Employee Management section.

2) Then click on the Base Schedule Assignments tab.

3) To view employees' bid preferences, press the Settings Wheel on the bottom of the navigation menu and select Bid Preferences.

4) From Bid Preferences, select either Show Bid Preferences (which will show all current bid preferences) or Explicit Bid Period (which will show all bid preferences within a specific date range).


5) Press the Apply button.

6) Select the desired employee from the Employees panel on the left side.

7) In the Base Schedules panel on the right side, press the Assign button next to the desired base schedule.


Note: Employees can also be assigned to base schedules by first selecting the base schedule, then selecting employees. Note that base schedule preferences are listed next to visible base schedules on the list.

8) To define or change Start and End times for multiple base schedules for the same employee, press the down arrow on a base schedule being assigned to an employee.


9) Select the OK button to save the date range of an awarded base schedule.

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