Create an Overtime Aggregate

Create an Overtime Aggregate

Overtime Aggregates are a collection of all employees' overtime in the system which can be seen in the Roster option. The user can display the overtime aggregate in the roster option via Use of Roster Options.

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select the Aggregate Configuration option in the Aggregates section.

2) Set the desired Scope of the aggregate.


Note: Setting the Scope to Domain makes the aggregate available across all organizations.

3) Press the Add New button.

4) Enter the Title and Caption of the aggregate.

5) From the Aggregate drop-down, select the desired operation.


6) From the Unit drop-down, select Overtime Hours.

Note: Other variations such as; Forced Overtime Hours or Volunteered Overtime can be selected in the Unit drop-down, if desired.

7) From the Unit Filter drop-down, select whether or not the aggregate will use consecutive data or any data.

8) From the Period drop-down, select the time period for the aggregate.

9) Press the Save button.


10) On the next screen press the Save button again.

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