Vacation Planning: Configure Active Pick Rules

Configure Active Pick Rules

This article describes a typical Active Pick setup and configuration rules that define how employees are able to request leaves during vacation planning process. 

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Vacation Planning Configuration option in the Vacation Planning section.

2) Then click on Vacation Planning Definition tab.

3) Check the Allow Employees to Limit Approvals checkbox if you'd like to allow employees to select unlimited vacation requests in priority order, but limit the number of vacation requests that are approved.

4) Select any Black Out Days by using the calendar. These days will apply to all active pick steps defined below.


 Note: Once established, employees will not be able to request leaves during those days.

5) Select the desired notification actions(s) by selecting options from the Notify drop-downs. You can choose to notify:

  • employees, admin or both
  • before or at
  • the start or end of the enrollment period
  • in days or hours


6) Press the Plus button to add the Notification Action(s).

Note: The Notifications added here will apply to all steps within this Vacation Plan. Creating Notification Actions that are specific to certain steps will be demonstrated later in this article.

7) Select an option from the Overlap Handling drop-down and press the flashing Plus button.


8) Select the Action that you would like to take in the case that a vacation leave overlaps with the option you selected in step 5.


Note: In the example above, if am employee requests a vacation leave on a Day Off, the leave will not be assigned on that day. 

9) Select New Requestable Item from the Requestable Item drop-down and then press the flashing Plus button.

  • Leave Type: specific leave type(s) that will be selectable by employees during active pick
  • Unit: number of units that an employee can submit per each slot (Days, Hours, Minutes, Weeks, Half-Day

10) Select the desired Leave Type from the drop-down.

11) Select the Unit and Unit Type from the respective drop-downs. 

Note: If you select Week as the Units, select a Week Type and Week Start from the respective drop-downs. 

  • Week Type - Calendar: 7 day week with a defined start
  • Week Type - Working: working days between two sets of Regular Days Off (RDOs)

12) Check the Home Shift checkbox to allow employees to request a home shift leave.


13) Check the Expand Leave Request To Adjacent Off Days checkbox to expand leaves to off days Before, After or Within a leave request.

14) Check the Can Add Notes checkbox to allow employees to add notes when they request leaves.

15) Press the Plan Steps button in the bottom right corner.

16) Press the Add New button to add a new active pick step.


17) Set the Employee Request Period Duration using the up and down arrows in the Days, Hours and Minutes fields. This defines how long employees have to request vacation.

Note: If you are creating a Vacation Planning Definition with more than one step, set the Time After the Previous Step using the up and down arrows in the Days, Hours and Minutes fields. This defines the time that each active pick step will be available in relation to the prior step and its duration.

18) Select the desired employee(s) or employee group(s) from the Employees drop-down. Alternatively, check the Include All Organizational Unit Employees checkbox to include all employees for a specific organizational unit(s) once the active pick step(s) is initiated.


Note: After the first employee has been chosen, press the Plus button to add more employees to the selection.

19) Check the Only the Employees Base Schedule On Days checkbox if you'd like to have employees only request vacation on their On base schedule days. 

20) Check the Complete Button Available for Employees checkbox if you'd like to give employees the option to submit their vacation requests if they finish early.

Note: If you check the Complete Button Available in the Employees checkbox, select an option from the Adjust Next Employee's Window drop-down.

  • Keep Original End Time: the vacation request periods will remain the same when an employee clicks the Complete Button.
  • Slide Window Left: the vacation request periods will shift left when an employee clicks the Complete Button.


21) From the Order By drop-down, select the desired ranking of employees.

22) To add notification settings that are specific to a certain active pick step, select the desired notification actions(s) by selecting options from the Notify drop-downs.


23) Select Request Profile from the Request Profile drop-down and press the flashing Plus button.

24) Select Slot from the Slots drop-down and press the flashing Plus button.

  • Number of Slots: number of defined units that each employee can submit.
  • Preferences per Slot: number of preferences for each slot that each employee can submit.
  • Requestable Item: Leave types that the employee is able to request vacation for.

25) Select the Number of Preferences and the Requestable Items from the respective drop-downs.

Note: To add additional Slots, repeat steps 17-18. 

26) Press the Save As button.

27) Enter a Name and Scope for the created Vacation Planning Definition and then press the Save button.

28) In the future, any saved Vacation Planning Definitions are accessible from the drop-down menu.


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