Vacation Planning: Automatically Approve Vacation Planning Requests

Automatically Approve Vacation Planning Requests

This article describes how to automatically approve leave requests submitted during an Open Enrollment  Vacation Plan via an approval algorithms configured in the application.

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Employee Vacation Planning Administration option in the Vacation Planning section.

2) Select the date range in which the desired vacation planning year can be found.


3) From the Vacation Plan drop-down, select the desired initiated vacation planning year.


4) Select the open enrollment/active pick step from the Step drop down within which the submitted vacation planning requests are intended to be approved.

Note: Depending on customer configuration, there might be multiple Open Enrollment steps that are configured and approved separately.


5) Select a Request Profile from the drop-down menu.

Note: The Request Profile was created in the Vacation Planning Definition and includes the Number of Slots, the Number of Preferences and the Requestable Item(s).


6) Set the Automatic Algorithm that will be utilized when approving vacation planning requests within the selected open enrollment step.


Note: You may create and use multiple approval algorithms based on the open enrollment stages and their applicable rules by Vacation Planning Approval Builder.

7) Press the Execute button to start the automated approval process.

8) When the approval process is complete, the following message will display:


Note: The reason for this message is that upon approval execution, all leave requests that are approved or rejected are stored in the memory of the application and are not saved in the database yet. That way, the user has the ability to review the results, the Approver Builder field will show whether Pending or Rejection reason was employee or rule based.  This 2-step process allows the user to make any necessary adjustments.  

9) If you choose to proceed with saving the approval results, click on Save button. Once saved, both admins and employees will see approved/rejected leave results in appropriate channels (Roster, Employee Calendar, etc.)

10) If you choose to abandon the approval results and make any desired changes before rerunning it, press the Cancel button. Once canceled, neither admins nor employees will see any leave approval/rejection results.

11) Repeat steps 2 through 9 as necessary.

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