Fill an Assignment Using Volunteers

Fill an Assignment Using Volunteers

This feature allows users to assign eligible volunteers to an assignment using the roster problem-solving function. 

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select the Roster from the Schedule section. 

2) Select the Day Header of the day with the desired Assignment. 


3) Enter the Problem Solving for the day. 


4) Select Solve for the Problem containing the Volunteering Opportunity.


5) From the Employee Filter drop-down, select Volunteering.


6) Press the flashing Plus button. 

7) Select Has Volunteered from the Volunteering drop-down.

  • Has Volunteered: employees who appear on the roster have volunteered in the past.
  • Has Not Volunteered: employees who appear on the roster have not volunteered in past.

8) Press the Apply button.

Note: To save the Problem Solving Profile for the future, select Save As.

9) The volunteered Employees will show up on the roster. Depending on the Shift configuration, different time options will show for each Employee. 


10) Select the desired Assignment fragment or entire demand covering time frame.  

Note: If selecting a shorter time frame than the desired demand, the user can fill the remainder by entering Problem Solving as above. 

11) Press the Assign button.

Note: Select Overtime if the Assignment will be OT and the user desires to track the information. 

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