Expose Employee Contact Information: Roster

Expose Employee Contact Information: Roster

If an employee has email or phone contact information registered to their employee management screen, you can display it on the roster. 


Extract Contact Information Value via an Aggregate

1) Click on the Administration icon from the navigation menu, then select Aggregate Configuration option in the Aggregates section.

2) Set the desired Scope of the aggregate.


Note: Setting the Scope to Domain makes the attribute available across all organizations.

3) Press the Add New 6.png button.

4) Then click on the More... button at the bottom of the new aggregate definition.

5) Set Operation field to Employee Contact Value Extractor. Then enter Title and Caption of the aggregate, Field Formatter should be set to Plain Text, and lastly, select the Contact Type that is being extracted with this aggregate.


Note: Localized Caption Key and Localized Short Caption Key fields are optional.

6) Press the Save button.

7) To edit the record, click on the Edit button to modify or Delete button to remove the record.


Expose Contact Information in Roster Options

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Roster option in the Schedule section.

2) Press the Settings Wheel in the bottom left corner of the Navigation Menu.

3) Select the Employee Details option.


4) From the drop-down menu, select the attribute value extractor created above.

Note: Do not forget to press the plus button to add the field to your selection.

5) Press the Apply button to see the changes in the roster display.

6) To save the selection for the future, select Save As.


7) Enter a Name and select Scope from the drop-down.

8) In the future, the user can find the viewing profile under the Viewing Profile drop-down.


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