Create a Viewing Profile on the Roster

Create a Viewing Profile on the Roster

The roster view and settings can be configured in many ways. In order to save a configured roster view, and use the same configurations at a later time, users are able to create roster viewing profiles. Follow steps below to save different viewing profiles for everyday use.

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Roster option in the Schedule section.

2) Select the Settings Wheel at the bottom of the Navigation Menu. 


3) Select Roster Options from the drop-down menu. 


4) Then select any applicable drop-downs menus (for example the Employee Details menu) by pressing the small arrow next to it.


5) From the Fields drop-down select the desired fields to be displayed on the roster.

Note: Do not forget to press the Plus  button to add the field to the selection.

6) To adjust the order of the displayed fields, use the small up and down arrows.


7) To see the selected changes on the right, press Apply.

8) When the roster has the desired layout press the small arrow adjacent to the Save button.

9) Select Save As, to save the roster Viewing Profile.


10) Choose the Scope where you would like the Viewing Profile to be saved. Below is a break down of how the different scope options work.

  • Domain - Available for all Admins and Schedulers (not Employees).
  • Organizational Unit - Available for all Admins,  Schedulers and Employees within the Organizational Unit.  View Profiles able to be modified or deleted by any Admin or Scheduler in that Organizational Unit.  
  • Role - Specialized Use Case - Not Recommended
  • User - Only available to the individual Admin or Scheduler that Saved the Viewing Profile. 

Workloud Protip:  Save shared Viewing Profiles to the Organizational Unit and save personal Viewing Profiles to the User.  

11) The saved roster viewing profile will now be available from the Viewing Profile drop-down.



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