Vacation Planning: Manually Approve Vacation Planning Requests

Manually Approve Vacation Planning Requests

This article describes how to manually approve leave requests submitted during any of the Open Enrollment/Active Pick step periods.

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Employee Vacation Planning Administration option in the Vacation Planning section.

2) Select the date range in which the desired vacation planning year can be found.


3) From the Vacation Plan drop-down, select the desired initiated vacation planning year.


4) Select the open enrollment/active pick step from the Step drop down within which the submitted vacation planning requests are intended to be approved.

Note: Depending on customer configuration, there might be multiple Open Enrollment steps that are configured and approved separately.


5) Select a Request Profile from the drop-down menu.

Note: The Request Profile was created in the Vacation Planning Definition and includes the Number of Slots, the Number of Preferences and the Requestable Item(s).


6) In the Employee Leave Requests section, press the Approve button next to the employee that you want to approve a vacation planning request for.


Note: If you want to reject a leave, press the triangle next to Approve and select Reject.

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