Create a Leave Accrual Rule

Create a Leave Accrual Rule

Leave Accrual Rules provide the user with the ability to limit the leave of the accrual group.

If you do not have a accrual group created already, follow the steps to Create employee groups.

1) Click on the Leave Management icon from the navigation menu, then select Accrual Rule Management option in the Accruals section.

2) From the left side bar, select the desired accrual type by pressing the Add New button.


3) Enter a Title for the accrual rule.

4) Select the desired Organizational Unit that the rule will act on from the Organizational Units drop-down. 

5) In the Configuration section, select the dates the accrual rule will be valid for.

6) Select the desired accrual type from the Type drop-down. 

  • Earned: An amount relative to a parameter is accrued. 
  • Fixed: A fixed amount is accrued on periodic basis. 

7) From the Accrual Start Date drop-down, select the desired start date. 

8) Optional: The user can define conditions to be met in the Employee Conditions section by selecting from the drop-down menus.

9) Select the desired amount using the up and down arrows of the Accrue field. 



Note: The user can add decimals as amounts. Example: 1.4=1 hour and 24 minutes. 

10) Set the units using the next fields drop down. 

11) Select a Leave Type using the units of leave type drop-down menu.

12) Press the Save button. 

13) For future reference the leave accrual rule can be accessed on the left side bar, by simply clicking on it.


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