Regenerate a Schedule for One Employee

Regenerate a Schedule for One Employee

This feature allows you to choose a subset of employee(s) to be selected when the employee schedule assignments are regenerated.

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Roster option in the Schedule section.

2) Select the Date Header for the start of the new assignment.


3) From the side bar select Clear.


4) From the Employee Criteria drop-down, select Employee.


5) From the Employee drop-down, select the specific Employee, the user wishes to clear.

6) Verify the Dates show correctly.

7) Press the Clear button.

8) The Employees Assignment structure is now cleared.

9) Select the Employee's Name in the Roster.

10) From the side bar select Other Actions.


11) Select Add to Generation Subset.

12) The user can now generate as usual.

Note: A note indicating the use of the generation subset will show. Leaving the Roster page will default back to the regular generation method.

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