Publish a Day Problem as Volunteering Opportunity

Publish a Day Problem as Volunteering Opportunity

This feature allows users to publish one-time volunteering opportunities in advance based on current lack of coverage on demanded labor. If labor has already been demanded, the user may use a shortcut method instead of creating a volunteering opportunity in Volunteering Management. This article will walk through the steps of posting specific jobs for volunteering opportunities using the shortcut method.

1) Click on the Scheduling Icon from the navigation menu, then select the Roster option from the Schedule section.

2) Select the Jobs roster view and then click on the desired assignment.

2) Select an unfilled (red) labor demand.


3) Select Other Actions.

4) Select Publish as Volunteering Opportunity


5) To view the volunteering opportunity, click on the Scheduling Icon from the navigation menu, then select the Volunteering Management option from the Volunteering & Availability section.

Note: After this template is created, the users can also impose how far into the future employees are able to request a volunteering opportunities via Overtime Cut Off Rule.

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