Trace Access

Trace Access 

Users can view detailed trace (audit) information for any other user or employee over a specified time period in the Trace Access Report. This report allows tracking of information regarding leave requests, job bidding, application access, and many other actions. 

Workloud Pro Tip:  Trace access information is not immediately available, but approximately 30 minutes after an action has been taken in Workloud.

1) Click on the Analytics icon from the navigation menu, then select Trace Access Report option in the Reports section.

2) Select the Period, which is the time period an action was taken. The period can be set for a specific Start and End date.  


3) In the Details section, first select the desired trace Type to view on this report. For example, select Base Schedule Assignment.


4) For some types of actions (such as Base Schedule Assignment) but not all, you can also specify Specific Type of action (added, modified or removed). Select the specific type in mind (only one at a time) or leave this field blank to capture all specific types.


5) And lastly, indicate the User for which the trace records are being generated for. You can only select one user at a time or leave the field blank to capture all users (a user can be an administrator or an employee or both).

6) Press the Apply button to load report preview.

7) To view the full report, press the Generate Report 4.pngbutton or the arrow next to it (Advanced option, to view the report in different formats). 


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