Schedule Report

Schedule Report

Users can view customized information about the employees' schedules. The schedule can be display in a multiple day format with very detailed information about each assignment.

1) Click on the Analytics icon from the navigation menu, then select Schedule Report option in the Reports section.

2) Select the Period for which the schedule assignments will be viewed.


3) Select any options from the Filter Employees. You can either choose to meet all or any of the following conditions.


Note: No selection is mandatory in this section, but can be helpful when the user wants to break down the organization into smaller units for reporting purposes.

4) Select any options from the Filter Assignments drop-downs. You can either choose to meet all or any of the following conditions.


Note: No selection is required in this section, but can help the user to further narrow the selection of the report.

5) Also select any Display Fields (generally employee related, such as name, seniority date, employee group, etc.) to show on the report. Arrows can be used to move the order of display fields around in addition to sorting it in ascending or descending order.


To manage pre-selected values use the following navigation options:

  • The green bar next to each field allows to set the sorting of each field (ascending or descending order).


  • The small arrows allow to set the order of the fields in the report.


6) In addition, a Day Format can be set for each day the user desires to view schedules for. Click on 22.pngbutton to see all available formats.


7) From the Events list, select types of information that the user desires to view (assignments, leaves, regular days off, etc.). And then for each viewable event, select the appropriate fields to display: time, job, leave type, etc. Arrows can be used to move the data elements order around.



8) Press the Apply button to load the report preview.

9) To view the full report, press the Print Preview button or the arrow next to it (to view the report in different formats). To save the report configuration settings, press the Save button.


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