Leave Quota Report

Leave Quota Report

Users may view detailed information about quota levels based on employee schedules.

1) Click on the Analytics icon from the navigation menu, then select Leave Quota Report in the Reports section.

2) Define the Period for which quota information will be displayed.


3) Enter a desired Name for the report.


4) Under the Filter Employees section, select appropriate employee filters to display desired employees. To view employees that only meet a set of conditions, select appropriate options under Meet All of the Following Conditions. To view employees that meet any item in a set of conditions, select appropriate options under Meet Any of the Following Conditions.


5) Select the desired Quota Rules from the drop-down menu to display on the report.


6) Also select any Display Fields to show on the report. Arrows can be used to move the order of display fields around in addition to sorting in ascending or descending order.


To manage pre-selected values use the following navigation options:

  • The bar next to each field sets the sorting of each field by ascending or descending order.


  • The small arrows sets the order of the fields in the report.


7) Select Show Row Number to number rows in report. 


8) Press the Apply button to load the report preview.


9) To view the full report, press the Print Preview button or the arrow next to it to view the report in different formats. To save the report configuration settings, press the Save button.


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