Create a Generation Subset

Create a Generation Subset

Generation Subset is a feature that may be utilized post schedule generation. If a line goes down or certain employees need to be rescheduled, the user may select specific employees and re-generate only their schedule.

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Roster option in the Schedule section.

2) Select the Settings Wheel in the bottom left-hand corner.


3) From the Roster Options drop-down, select Generation Subset.


4) From the Employee Filter drop-down, select the desired employee filters.


5) From the Post Filter drop-down, select the desired post filter.


6) Press the Apply button at the bottom of the configuration panel. The employees and posts selected by the filters are shown on the bottom. These are the only employees that will be generated for in the next schedule generation.

7) The user may now exit out of generation subset and generate for the desired day. Generation subset will apply until one of three conditions are met:

  • The user refreshes or exits the Roster
  • The user logs out
  • The user clears the filters and presses Apply again
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