Fill out a New Preference Form on Behalf of an Employee

Fill out a New Preference Form on Behalf of an Employee

The purpose of the Employee Preference Form Administration is for the administrators to submit a form on behalf of an employee.

1) Click on the Scheduling icon from the navigation menu, then select Employee Preference Form administration option in the Volunteering & Availability section.

2) From the drop down menu select the desired employee.


3) Click on the Add New button6.png to add a new form.

4) Select the desired form from the Definition drop down menu and the desired Period for which the form values will be populated for.

Note: The Definition can be created in the following steps via Create a Preference Form. Also, once you selected the option to enter preferences will display (based on pre-defined configuration of the form). See step below in how to fill out those preferences.

5) For each defined Preference, select a Value(s) available from the drop-down menu. 


6) Click Save to save the newly added preference values.

7) To edit a preference form, click on the edit 14.png button next to the desired form, make the necessary modifications and click Save.

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